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Sample Speeches and Interviews

Below is a list of speeches, workshops or interviews I've given. The buttons will link you to the video or audio

Sourcegraph event picture.png

Hot Tech: Code Search (LinkedIn Event 02-01-23)

Leading up to the year 2000 ERPs were the big hit. Then came big data and now with everyone going digital we’re in the era of big code. Heavy coding and large development teams used to be limited to software companies or maybe banks. Now everyone is building sizable development teams that are coding up a storm to meet customers’ digital needs and expectations. In this webinar get a quick intro from myself (Volker Schulmeyer) but then get the detailed scoop from Sourcegraph’s CTO (Mark McCauley) on why code search and code intelligence tools are critical to improve your companies digital efforts. • Why is code search important and what will it do for you • Demo of how code search tools work (e.g. Sourcegraph) • Use cases that exemplify code search’s value When googling “best code search” you’ll find Sourcegraph listed under “Best Code Search Engines – 2022 Review & Comparison”. Take the opportunity to learn from one of the best.

10-26-22 Estimating LinkedIn event.png

How to create a transformation estimate (LinkedIn Event 10-26-22)

Too often I see companies asking consulting firms for project proposals vs doing it themselves. Learn why it is important to be able to do this yourself and some of the fundamental building blocks of doing this well.


Hot Tech: Graph Databases explained (LinkedIn Event 09-28-22)

Graph databases are purpose-built to store and navigate relationships. A graph database stores nodes and relationships instead of tables, or documents. Data is stored just like you might sketch ideas on a whiteboard. If you're still wondering what is so special about graph databases join us to hear about: - What is a graph database - Use Cases - Why graph data platforms make these use cases so much easier to enable Spend one hour with a chief architect that has developed data strategies for fortune 100 companies. Neo4j will be participating and demonstrating their world class platform. "Neo4js is the most popular graph database. Neo4j is an open source graph database and follows the labeled property graph model. The key elements of Neo4j database are nodes, relationships, properties, and labels." Jul 10, 2019 (Google search for "What is the most popular graph database?")

Dilbert decision making.png

Architecture governance without starting a revolution (LinkedIn Event 08-24-22)

People do not like to be governed. As Enterprise Architecture you have the accountability to drive your companies architecture in the right direction. I.e you have to govern the IT architecture. Here I share an approach to architecture governance that should not upset the applecart.

Effective EA team in 90 days.png

Build an effective EA team in 90 days or less (LinkedIn Event 07-20-22)

Recording of a LinkedIn Event on how to quickly build an effective Enterprise Architecture team hosted by Volker Schulmeyer


Interview with Emma DiGallo (07-13-22)

Emma dug into my career path and some specific IT topics


Developing a data warehousing strategy (Camp IT 06-23-22 Event)

Thank you Camp IT for inviting me to talk about developing a datawarehousing strategy. With DWaaS now readily available to everyone the possibilities to create an effective and efficient data strategy is easier than ever. Let me share my experiences as an IT executive and former Chief Architect at fortune 100 companies. I recorded this session after the event as they do not allow live recording. Makes sense as Camp IT wants dialog in their workshops and recording often prevents people from openly sharing their experiences.

Old Technology.jpeg

Erase Technical Debt without spending money (LinkedIn Event 06-04-22)

Taking the trash out for IT is harder than one might think. There never seems to be a business case to justify getting rid of old stuff or bringing old stuff up to date. Let me show you a simple technique on how to eliminate technical debt without breaking the bank.


Becoming an internal influencer (SwitchOn 05-12-22)

I was invited to speak at SwitchOn Americas "The Enterprise Architecture Show". As an enterprise architect one needs to constantly influence other leaders in the organization on how to approach major, strategic initiatives. I go thru some of my approaches to know when and how to influence your business partners.

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