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Hot Tech: Code Search

Leading up to the year 2000, ERPs were the big hit. Then came big data and now with everyone going digital we’re in the era of big code. Heavy coding and large development teams used to be limited to software companies or maybe banks. Now everyone is building sizable development teams that are coding up a storm to meet customers’ digital needs and expectations.

Watch my LinkedIn Event recording to get a quick intro from myself (Volker Schulmeyer) but then get the detailed scoop from Sourcegraph’s CTO (Mark McCauley) on why code search and code intelligence tools are critical to improve your companies digital efforts.

  • Why is code search important and what will it do for you

  • Demo of how code search tools work (e.g. Sourcegraph)

  • Use cases that exemplify code search’s value

When googling “best code search” you’ll find Sourcegraph listed under “Best Code Search Engines – 2022 Review & Comparison”. Take the opportunity to learn from one of the best.

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