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All you Enterprise Architects (EAs) - Escalate quickly!

I’ve had a couple of blogs on EA decision rights, EA decision making and ARB. All those talk about how to make decisions and EA’s role in facilitating that decision making.

One trend I’ve noticed over the years working with EAs is that they hesitate to escalate. I think it is due to the stereotypical EA behaviors:

  • Want all the answers before making noise

  • Thoroughness of their work due to their broad and deep knowledge (a good EA doesn’t miss much)

  • Making others happy/positive service experience

Whatever the reasons may be, I’ve noticed that EAs don’t escalate soon enough. Another reason for hesitation is that EA is involved in strategic programs and analysis so the people they would be escalating to are quite senior.

But that is the exact reason why you need to escalate sooner. You’re working on business critical initiatives for the company. If something isn’t going right, speak up … escalate.

EA leaders and Chief Architects need to instill in individual EAs that bringing up issues and escalating is not just OK but very much appreciated. Help your EAs in the escalation process. When an EA tells you they need senior leaders’ help to resolve an issue, DO NOT ask them to do more analysis or research. Just escalate and help them in preparing for how to effectively resolve the issue with senior leadership.

In all my years as Chief Architect, I’ve never had an EA cry wolf on minor issues. So when they ask for help … help immediately!

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